Sunagra Home Restaurant

Not only Home Restaurant
but an Integration Philosophy

Friday 18:30 - 24:00
Saturday 10:30 -15:00 / 18:30 - 24:00
Sunday 10:30 -15:00

In our HR you will have the possibility to meet new interesting people, sharing experiences, discover a new way to live sociality. Together is better.

After years spent working in different restaurants, farmhouses and wineries we decided to transform our knowledge and experience in an independent and creative activity. We are creating particular food and wine “tasting tours” to share with our customers the home-made tradition, KM0 production, synergic and organic garden methodology, self-consumption and most important the “social eating”.

Integration, territorial tradition, a pinch of culinary contamination from other styles of cooking are our traits.

Any food requirements will be handled for you.
Sunagra Home Restaurant - 8 coperti in autunno ed inverno

8 Seats

during autumn and winter
Sunagra Home Restaurant - 15/20 coperti in primavera ed estate

15/20 Seats

during spring and summer
Sunagra Home Restaurant - Menu Traditional e Veggie

2 menus

Traditional & Veggie
Sunagra Home Restaurant - Pagamenti online oppure in struttura


on site

Our Menu

Each menu is made following the seasons, studying the best combinations with wines and beers to create a wonderful senses experience. Our products come from our garden or from organic farms in the area.

Menu Traditional

Menu Veggie

Our vegetables garden,
hens and geese

The synergy with Nature as primary principle in our dish’s creation. From this milestone we built our synergic vegetables garden and our hen-house: do not work the land, do not weed, do not fertilize, do not use pesticides, scratch freely.
Balance in cultivation and micro breeding to protect biodiversity.
Nature is wise, She recommends us the right combinations every day, we learn from Her and we like to show this collaboration in everyday work.
Sunagra Home Restaurant - allevamento per conservare la biodiversità
Sunagra Home Restaurant - le nostre oche e galline
Sunagra Home Restaurant - il nostro orto senza pesticidi
Sunagra Home Restaurant - prodotti a km0


In addition to food, you can live the wine production experience (under request) through the visit in “Scarabelli Daniele Farm”. Collaboration with people and company of our areas is another milestone of Integration Phylosophy.

Our Products

In each season will be available for you: products from the garden, organic wines for conviviality moments, preparations from our kitchen.

Our courses

Fresh homemade pasta and cakes. “La Grazia” will reveal you, in a funny way, her cooking tricks. After the courses there will be lunch or dinner.

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